Strain Review: Halcyon

Strain Review: Halcyon

There’s a right time device available from New Brunswick’s only Licensed Producer, Organigram.

Well, OK, perhaps it is not exactly time device, but it’s pretty close. The Strain Halcyon can certainly back help you get to those ‘Halcyon Days’.

Halcyon is way better known as Island Honey plus it lives in BC. There isn’t much information available regarding the genetics, but I would personally say there’s definitely some Haze to its lineage.

Right I immediately knew why the as I popped the seal on my 5g container term ‘honey’ is within the name. It hits you straight away, very nearly is if there’s a hive within the container. In addition have tips of tangerine and some strawberry.

There’s a big bud finding out about I notice it’s a medium green with at me and rust color hairs. The buds are well manicured, but there’s really nothing that jumps out at me as special with regards to the looks for the bud. Continue reading Strain Review: Halcyon