How exactly to make use of the National education loan information System NSLDS to View Your student education loans

How exactly to make use of the National education loan information System NSLDS to View Your student education loans

Wondering “how do we find all my education loan information”?

Certain, you can pull your credit history and look for your then student education loans. But that’s a headache; specially when there’s an easier method — at least for loans produced by the government that is federal.

Here’s just how to see your federal figuratively speaking:

  1. Create an FSA ID
  2. See NSLDS.
  3. Choose “Financial Help Review”
  4. In the screen that is next join along with your FSA ID
  5. Now you can see your federal student education loans and funds.

Finding information about your personal figuratively speaking, nevertheless, is just a little harder.

I’ll get over how exactly to accomplish that at the final end with this post.

For now, let’s concentrate on how exactly to utilize the National scholar Loan Data System getting information on your student education loans.

What’s the Nationwide Education Loan Information System

The National scholar Loan information System may be the U.S. Department of Education’s main database for federal educational funding. NSLDS is effectively a one-stop shop to almost find out all you need to find out about your student education loans. The machine gets information through the schools you attended, loan servicers, as well as other U.S. Department of Education programs to provide you with an entire glance at the financial obligation your debt the authorities.

How can I Access the NSLDS?

You’ll access nslds. free of charge utilizing your Federal scholar help ID.

Here’s just how to produce an FSA ID:

  • Browse fsaid.
  • Choose the “Create my FSA ID” tab
  • Enter your Social Security quantity, DOB, and email address.

As soon as you’ve got an FSA ID, you’ll be able to perform a lot more than simply glance at your education loan stability on NSLDS.

By way of example, you should use it at

That web web site enables education loan borrowers to:

  • Review their education loan payment choices (IBR, REPAYE, etc.).
  • Submit consolidation loan requests
  • Submit repayment that is income-driven types
  • Make an application for Plus loans and

Additionally, for anybody that are married, is when you’ll opt for your partner to co-sign your repayment that is income-driven application.


Here’s what you’ll find as soon as you get on NSLDS: